Dance for the Camera

I’m starting a new course this week at NYU, offered by the Tisch Dance department (my alma mater). Not certain what I’ll come out with on the other end, but I’m excited to see the meeting points of dance and film and to make some new work. Stay tuned!


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Help expandance get to Boston

We have only a few more hours to raise funds to help us get to Boston this Winter. Every little contribution will help us be clothed, housed, well rehearsed, and with music and props. Take a look:

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New post up on “Erica Collaborates”

Here is an excerpt:

There are also several stereo hookups in the classroom. One can direct sound to the speakers in the floorboards versus the speakers in the credenza on the side of the room or to a third location. A fancy touchpad allows one to easily make these selections.

Michelle and Garvin speak to each other over microphones and we play with the mixer controls until we can hear them speak to each other. We learn about feedback, and about wireless microphones like the one Professor Beyer is wearing. We are impressed upon to set all controls to neutral before we even approach creating an audio setup – this is the only way we’ll be able to effectively troubleshoot if problems arise.

After lots of experimenting and poking around I, embarrassed, bleat “What does ‘EQ’ mean?” My audiophile classmates must think I’m crazy.

Here‘s the whole thing. 

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How Very Pinteresting…

By the way, friends, I’ve just started a board on Pinterest to collect images and video that are inspiring to me, dancingly. It’s called “Bust a Move,” and I’d love for you to pop on over…


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Last week at this time…

I just published a new post on Erica Collaborates, my new blog for my graduate class “Collaborative Projects in the Performing Arts.” I’m hoping I’ll entice you over to read it in full, so here’s just a tasty tidbit:

I arrived feeling fairly nervous, having missed the second class of the semester the week before to dance for a week on a farm in Pennsylvania with SINecdoche Dance. I’m not a tech-savvy person, and I knew that I’d missed some crucial instruction on how to wrap cables, set up tripods, and other tasks central to our work.

Little did I know that we’d be asked to rig up 6 cameras on tripods connected to two video mixers connected to two computers connected to two projectors….and have these two computers speak to each other while projecting on multiple walls in the room. Our professor looked to us expectantly, provided only the necessary instructions, and left us to our own devices to figure out the mechanics.”
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Erica Collaborates

As an M.A. candidate in NYU’s Gallatin School I am engaged in a course entitled Collaborative Projects in the Performing Arts: Multimedia Collaboration and Interactive Internet Distributed Performance.

Myself and my classmates are maintaining separate blogs during the course of the course. Stay tuned here as this dancer collaborates with artists in multiple media.

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All of my Tweenage Dreams Come True.

You can find me getting my abdominal exercise on in the October issue of Dance Spirit magazine. Thanks so much to DS for the opportunity and to Bethany Lyons, the trainer who kicked my abs during the photoshoot. Available on newsstands now.

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Rehearsal at NYLA

Last week I got into the studio at New York Live Arts to play around – not because I’m explicitly working on something per se, but because I believe it’s always a good idea take time for yourself to keep the creative juices fresh. I’d booked the studio time a month before, however, not realizing that I’d be dealing with a pretty nasty injury to both feet that day.

So, I didn’t couldn’t really move my feet. That’s never stopped me. I still knocked around the studio, and edited together a short little video of some of the stuff I improvised. Then I set it to some Florence + The Machine because dear god I can not stop listening to them this week.

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A Look at Rock Om.

Aha, here is another entry from the old archives – a 1 minute trailer for Rock Om, a piece I performed earlier this year with expandance. Rachel is planning to expand this into an hour-long piece throughout the coming months, in preparation for a show in Boston in January.

Rock Om 1 minute Teaser from expandance on Vimeo.

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Hanging with Little Sister.

One of my favorite things to do is to improvise goof around with my younger sister Hannah. Here’s a fun video of us awhile ago improvising goofing around.

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