Last week at this time…

I just published a new post on Erica Collaborates, my new blog for my graduate class “Collaborative Projects in the Performing Arts.” I’m hoping I’ll entice you over to read it in full, so here’s just a tasty tidbit:

I arrived feeling fairly nervous, having missed the second class of the semester the week before to dance for a week on a farm in Pennsylvania with SINecdoche Dance. I’m not a tech-savvy person, and I knew that I’d missed some crucial instruction on how to wrap cables, set up tripods, and other tasks central to our work.

Little did I know that we’d be asked to rig up 6 cameras on tripods connected to two video mixers connected to two computers connected to two projectors….and have these two computers speak to each other while projecting on multiple walls in the room. Our professor looked to us expectantly, provided only the necessary instructions, and left us to our own devices to figure out the mechanics.”
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