New post up on “Erica Collaborates”

Here is an excerpt:

There are also several stereo hookups in the classroom. One can direct sound to the speakers in the floorboards versus the speakers in the credenza on the side of the room or to a third location. A fancy touchpad allows one to easily make these selections.

Michelle and Garvin speak to each other over microphones and we play with the mixer controls until we can hear them speak to each other. We learn about feedback, and about wireless microphones like the one Professor Beyer is wearing. We are impressed upon to set all controls to neutral before we even approach creating an audio setup – this is the only way we’ll be able to effectively troubleshoot if problems arise.

After lots of experimenting and poking around I, embarrassed, bleat “What does ‘EQ’ mean?” My audiophile classmates must think I’m crazy.

Here‘s the whole thing. 

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