Video: Stint on Desires.

Stint on desires from Yina Ng on Vimeo.

This happened awhile ago, but it’s still fresh.

Directed and Conceived by Yina Ng
Created and Performed by Erica Frankel and Alissa Horowitz
Performed at Movement Research at the Judson Church

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An Oldie but Goodie.

Here’s a fun one from several months ago when I performed with Yina Ng at the Judson Church as part of Movement Research. Photo credit goes squarely to Ian Douglas for a rockin shot.

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Dancing by the Waterside, Saturday

Hey Friends!

I will be performing in the Waterside Plaza Dance Festival on Saturday August 13 at 5PM with VaBang! Dance Company. It’s free and outside (there is seating) so it’s not to be missed. The performance is taking place in Waterside Plaza on the East River in Manhattan.

Directions: Go to First Ave. and East 25th St. Take the footbridge over the FDR Drive. Stay above street level and walk to the center of the high rise towers. Seating available.

More information:

If you can make it, maybe we can picnic after? Hope to see you soon.

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The Final Countdown

(Reposted from the SINecdoche Dance Blog at I am a longtime member of this company, which is showing work this weekend in New York.)

It’s finally arrived – it’s show week! The dancers have all started to feel it the last few nights as we’ve tried on costume pieces, warmed up and cooled down, refined our synchronous movements, and stood under lights. It’s been a real treat to watch Greenwich House, a true Village institution, transform this week into a gorgeous performance space under the skillful supervision of our rockin’ lighting designer and tech friends. And with some help from some talented photographers.

As we’ve been in residence over the past many many months, we’ve experience GHMS in all of its extremes. In the coldest parts of Winter we layered our clothes, wore thick socks, warmed up for ages, and stood by the heaters to keep ourselves from shivering. Now that it’s Summer we’re sweating as much as ever. Here are some photos from tonight’s tech rehearsal – our last before our videographer comes tomorrow to capture footage of our dress rehearsal. I was able to duck out and take several candids on my Blackberry. Enjoy!

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April 25th at Judson with Yina Ng

I will be performing on Monday, April 25th at 8pm, and it will be FREE!

PICK UP (working title) by Yina Ng

This is a work-in-progress showing as a part of Movement Research at the Judson Church.

More coming soon. In the meanwhile, feast your eyes on And wait for tasty tidbits on my blog.

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Rock Om!

Today I performed a piece called “Rock Om” at the Bushwick SITE Fest with expandance.

Although it was raining buckets, the L train wasn’t really working, and I managed to stab myself in the eye with mascara right before going on stage, it was amazing. What I really love about this company’s process is that in each rehearsal (and then again today) we take a really good amount of time to meditate as a group and then move from our meditative state straight into a sustained group improvisation. It’s the loveliest, most blissed-out thing ever.

Anyway, Rachel managed to snag some great shots at our tech rehearsal at the Bushwick Starr on Friday morning, so I’m going to share them with you. Check them out, along with more rehearsal pix at

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Dance/NYC Mid-Season Symposium

Today I’m live-blogging from the Dance/NYC Mid-Season Symposium, held this year at 3LD Arts & Technology Center in lower Manhattan. As a member of the organization’s Junior Committee I’ve been volunteering here and there in exchange for free admission to some of the panels held during this one-day conference. We’re talking:

Meet the Funders: Communities and Giving in 2011
Dance and Diplomacy
Meet the Leagues and Partners: Lower Manhattan Arts League and Models of Collaboration
NYC Spaces for Dance Making
How to Be Your Own Business
How to Be An Advocate with Amy Fitterer

So, this is big stuff. Especially cool is that there is a projected live twitter feed on the back wall in the main room, and symposium attendants are being encouraged to ask questions, share moments of reflection and realization, and talk with each other by tweeting the hashtag #dancesymp. Check it out if you’re curious to hear what’s been discussed today.

It’s great to feel part of something this big. I’m so grateful for communal moments of gathering like these. Anyone else here today?

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Party On, with Dance/NYC’s Junior Committee!

Attention NYC dance community (and bemused spectators!):

February 25th is the kick-off party for Dance/NYC‘s Mid-Season Symposium, hosted by Dance/NYC’s Junior Committee, at the Rubin Museum. And not one to let the opportunity pass me by, I created a fun little promo vid.

Lest you think this be irrelevent to you, know that it is set to music by Marvin Gaye. I’m just saying.

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NACHMO #10: Swirls

I have been thinking a lot about ‘swirly’ movement lately, a la a soft-serve ice cream cone. I’ve been wondering all of the different ways I could create vertically-oriented swirls of movement. This improvisation is an exploration of that.

NACHMO! National Choreography Month 2011: In January 2011, dance artists commit to creating new dance work every day for 31 Days. To read more about NACHMO,

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NACHMO #7: Silent Rave

Tonight I got home around midnight with big intentions, but little motivation to create. The following is the frustrated dance party that ensued when my head couldn’t get into a creative space. Enjoy!

NACHMO! National Choreography Month 2011: In January 2011, dance artists commit to creating new dance work every day for 31 Days. To read more about NACHMO,

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