In the Studio with VaBang! Dance Company

I have been dancing with VaBang! Dance Company, directed by Jessie Feller and Julia Sabangan, for several months. We’ve been in the studio a lot lately, working towards two performances this Friday and Saturday at the Gowanus Arts Center/ Spoke the Hub in Park Slope. We’re also working towards our evening of dance in January at Triskelion Arts in Williamsburg. Here are two videos from our most recent process: a new piece from Julia entitled “Public Speaking”:

This one is five short phrases based on five different emotions. This was created at the Life in Motion Studios on 105th Street.

And this one was the same phrase, which we developed today at the Bronfman Center at NYU on 10th Street. It includes text, which I don’t know well yet, so I’m holding my “script!” It’s culled from a personal recollection of an incident that happened to me in Brooklyn. A random stranger said “OH MY GOD. THAT IS A HUGE, UGLY NOSE.” Emotions ensued.

I have 3 shows this weekend, so I’m a busy bee. I’ll post the schedule later, so that you can all come see!


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