Hi there!

I am beyond excited to welcome you to my new blog. Here I will share updates and musings that are longer than 140 characters (if that’s too many, I encourage you to instead find me on Twitter).

I haven’t exactly pinpointed what the purpose of a dancer’s website could be, but when my very talented friend Liora Barzideh at Arovel offered one to me I readily accepted. How fun to have my own little corner of the interwebs!

One thing that I am absolutely interested in is demystifying the dance-going experience for non-dance audiences. I’m hopeful that empowering audiences to own their experience can happen on a grassroots level, starting with me. Here is a list of other things I am interested in exploring here:

improvisation, arts in America, creative process, the dancer’s life in New York City, movement challenges, anatomy!, jewish innovation, inspiration, meta, semantics, mundane everyday life sort of things

and much more. And now I will leave you with something that has really inspired me this week, which is Les Slovaks Dance Collective’s Opening Night at the Baryshnikov Arts Center. I saw this live last night, and was impelled to go since I studied improvisation and contemporary technique with one of the dancers while at the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance in Austria. These dancers have really re-imagined what folk dance can look like.

After the show, I tweeted this: No real words to describe Les Slovaks because only imaginary, playful, ubertalented made-up words would do the job. I’m moved.

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