Heading to the Holyland

Last week I was thrilled to learn that I’ve been awarded a modest grant from NYU to go study contemporary dance in Israel this Summer.

It seemed my friends and family were thrilled, too: in a pretty absurd turn of events my status on FB got about 102 likes. I felt like a celeb! And, when I got down to it, it made sense…this was something that my dance friends, my Jewish friends, and my NYU friends could all get behind.

Thanks for the support and congratulations, all. I will be certain to keep a travel log/blog here while I’m in Israel.

Now, the tough work begins and I have to make plans. When should I go? Where should I stay? What festivals or classes or workshops will be going on in Tel Aviv this Summer if I have between 2-3 weeks to spend?

I’m lucky to have several leads, thanks to good friends and also some kind strangers on Twitter who saw my call for help. The dance world is awesome in that way — everybody is always happy to pitch in and share knowledge. If you know something else I oughtta be checking out, or someone I oughtta speak to, please give me a holler.


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