Creating Everyday for 31 Days

Today I accepted a challenge that I’m going to, in turn, extend to all fellow dancers, dancemakers, and artists.

In January, create something everyday. For 31 days.

That’s it! Simple, non? I found out about a cool group of choreographers (using a model from a cool group of novelists) who are taking this plunge via a blog post on the DanceNYC Junior Committee’s website. Here’s the post:

(By the way, shameless plug alert, I serve on DanceNYC’s Junior Committee, an outrageously hardworking New York-based community of contemporaries working as dance artists, educators and administrators. Check us out, we’re looking good:

So, to get right down to it, I plan to make approximately 20 seconds of dance/movement material each day. After 31 days I should have around 10 minutes of material, unless I decide to get positively prosaic and create a lot more. Stay tuned, since it’s my goal to video a lot of this to share HERE on my blog. Maybe I’ll even upload a short video each day! Would you watch it, if I did?

And a final note: my colleague at NYU, Julie (over at has requested that I blog more frequently (full stop) about what it’s like to be a dancer (shoutout, J!). I’ll take that under advisement.

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